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Jitsu Canada

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This is a community for members, past and present, of Jitsu Canada, as well as anyone else who seems interested i suppose.

We are now officially sanctioned!! Which means that Andy knows about it and isnt going to sue me for copyright infringement. :)

This journal is meant for general announcements, exchange of ideas, training tools, policy debates (ie: t-shirts), and whatever people really want to talk about. Enjoy!

Right now this is maintained by swirlingchaos, subject to change if someone else really wants to and/or you guys think i suck at it.

How to Post To This Journal - Anyone can post comments to threads, simply by posting anonymously. However, if a jitsu member wants to start a new thread, without getting a livejournal, here is how to do it. (note: please try to use this for the purpose it was intended. I can delete it at any time if this power starts to get abused.)

1) Look in the top right of the screen for the Login space.

2) Log in as username "jitsuanonymous".

3) The password is "throw************", replacing the *** with the best nickname we have for one of our senseis. This ought to restrict it to actual jitsu members, who will know right away.

4) when you are logged in, go to the top of the screen and click 'journal' 'update'. or just click HERE

5) before typing your post, go to the bottom of the update screen, and click the 'click here' for more options.

6) use the pulldown menu to choose the journal to post to, and select jitsucanada

7) type your post.

8) Dont forget to sign your name, so we know who its from.

9) Click 'Update Journal'